President: Danielle M. Peters, STD (2016-2018)

Vice-President: Fr. Dwight Campbell, STD (2016-2018)

Program Committee:

Fr. Frederick L. Miller, STD (2014-2018), Email:

Robert Fastiggi, PhD (2016-2020), Email:

Planning Committee:

Sr. M. Jean Frisk, STL (2014-2018),

Fr. Edward Looney (2016-2020), Email:

Promotion Committee:

Fr. James H. Phalan, CSC (2014-2018), Email:

Gloria Dodd STD (2016-2020), Email:

Awards Committee:

Fr. Thomas A. Thompson, SM, PhD, Email:

Gloria Dodd, STD (2016-2020), Email:

Ex-officio Members of the Administrative Council:

Secretary: Fr. Thomas A. Thompson, SM, PhD Email:

Communications: Sr. Donna Maria Moses, OP, EdD. Email:

Executive Assistant: Cecilia Mushenheim. Email:

MSA Secretariat Telephone: 937-229-4294




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